Royale Brand

The Royale brand was named in honor King Albert I by Henri Decoene who started the business in 1921 - 3 years after the end of World War I. Henri started the business with two experienced chocolate makers who served with him during the war. By 1929 the family had several chocolate bars serving handmade chocolates, chocolate drinks, coffee, ice cream and waffles. The business suffered greatly from the depression in the 1930's and the outbreak of World War II in 1939.
The family fortune and business were lost during the War years. Economic life was utterly dislocated and luxury products such as coffee and chocolate were impossible to come by.
In 1961 however, Maurice Decoene rebuilt the business and started a shop he named 'Royale' in reference to the old family brand. Starting in the 1980's the company sold the shops and made a switch to an industrial production and had a lot of success exporting chocolate to France and other European countries.
• 1921 Established 'Royale' brand by Henri Decoene
• 1929 Opening of 5th Royale shop (Calais, North France)
• 1944 Collapse of family business due to World War II
• 1961 New shop 'Royale' establish by Maurice Decoene
• 1983 Switch to industrial production, shops discontinued
• 1985 Export to France, Luxemburg and Austria
• 2010 Shanghai Expo
• 2011 Royal Europe's recombination
• 2012 Guangzhou Imported Food Fair
• 2013 SIAL CHINA , as a primary sponsor of Chocolate World Activity Zone